Linkside, Summit Road

Potters Bar, Herts

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Linkside, Summit Road

Potters Bar, Herts

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For over half a century, industries as diverse as defence and medical equipment manufacturers have turned to us as the logical choice for custom springs, clips and pressings. Here are some examples of projects we can do for you.

Wire Headband

Perforated Grille

Smoke Bomb Mounting

Specialist Contacts

Battery Contacts

Retaining Spring For Car Heater Control

Brake Calipers Housing Protector

Audiometry Headband

Stainless Steel Flat Wire Headband

Flat Wire Coil Spring


Acoustic Headbands

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What is the best way to contact Sterling Springs?

Please call us on 01707 650191 between the hours of 9 to 5 on Monday to Thursday or until 2pm on Friday.  If we are busy then please leave a voicemail and we will contact you back within 15 minutes.   If outside these hours then please send an email to

Where can I find you?
We are located in Potters Bar, which is Junction 24 on the M25. Once you are in Potters Bar and have found your way to the Cranborne Industrial Estate, you will find us on the left as you head up Summit Road.
How is the parking near Sterling Springs?
Please try and park on the road outside the Sterling Springs Main Gate, but if you don't have any luck, we will find you a space on our premises.