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Sterling Springs is one of the most innovative spring suppliers and metal pressings manufacturers in the UK


Sterling Springs are accredited to ISO 9001:2015. We Outsource to BSI approved consultants to make sure we are following the correct guidelines set out by BSI.

Custom Tooling

Our in-house toolroom can produce high quality bespoke tooling to produce custom parts in large or small quantities. Our tools are made to your specification.

Low Cost

Existing tools created in-house can be used for a wide variety of parts to keep the cost down. If you need a custom tool then our in-house tooling experts work to keep the project running effeciently and the costs kept to your budget.

Fast Turnaround

As we are part of the Knight Group, access to materials is both quick and competiviely priced. We will work closely with you to ensure your project is kept within your timescales

Innovation & Experience

A fully equipped toolroom with over 20 years experience helps us to produce high quality bespoke tooling. We will also help to make sure that the part you require forfills the job it is designed for by getting involved at the early stage of development.


We are proud of the long lasting relationships we have with many of our customers and this is down to good communication and the extra work we put in to ensure the customer is always happy.


Custom Tooling for Flat Springs, Clips and Metal Pressings

Sterling Springs make all the tooling for your metal pressings, custom flat springs, clips and wire forms in our own state-of-the-art facility


Business Partnership for your Spring Requirements

We see our businesses as a true partnership so we’ll also work with you to develop prototype samples springs and clips for new products. With the benefit of decades of experience in the industry, Sterling Springs produce sophisticated custom springs, clips and pressings requiring little or no tooling.


Complex Tool Design for Springs and Clips to your Specification

And even if we don’t have exactly the tool we need, Sterling Springs’ in house technology enables us rapidly to design and make complex tools, allowing us to offer more competitive prices.


Quality Control

Sterling Springs operates a quality system in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2015, and consistently supplies a range of quality components to all sectors of industry. The Company also operates a continuous Quality Improvement Policy. All Sterling’s employees are aware that this is crucial in winning new customers and achieving repeat business.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We produce parts to match the requirement of the customer, so whether its 10’s or 1000’s of parts, Sterling Springs has the range of manufacturing equipment to suit all of your needs. Our highly skilled personnel can manufacture small quantities of components where no tooling is required for pre-production runs, prototypes and very small batches.

We can also produce large batch runs through bespoke made dedicated progression tools, which are designed and manufactured in our own tool room.

Once the tool is tested, production can start on our range of Power Presses and Multi-Slide equipment.

A Team Approach To Custom Springs And Pressings

We are always here to help you with any queries regardless of being large or small.

Supplying & Manufacturing for over 75 Years

Our expertise and skill place us right on the leading edge of manufacture and delivery, making us the precision spring and pressing suppliers of choice to a huge range of industries. Yet we never forget our roots – because we believe in using modern production techniques whilst managing perfectly to blend tradition with technology. Giving you great value for money and an exceptional service.

Industries as diverse as defence and medical equipment manufacturers have turned to us as the logical choice for custom springs, clips and pressings. Here are some examples of the sectors we work in


Battery Contacts

Specialist Contacts

Fuse Holders

Wire Assemblies



Flat Wire Headbands

Round Wire Headbands

Metal Strip Headbands

Custom Springs and Clips


White Goods

Cable and Pipe Clips

Custom Contacts


Stainless Steel Vanes for a Peak Flow Meter

Flat Wire Coil Spring



Brake Calipers Housing Protector

Retaining Spring For Car Heater Control

Fuel Float Clips



Downlight Retaining Springs

Custom Lampshade Clips

Custom Lighting Clips and Springs


Metal shims

Seals and Gaskets

Metal Diaphragms


Custom Springs

Thermal Element (Bimetallic Strip)


Powder Coated and Plated Headbands

Specialist Contacts

Leaf Springs

Switch Contacts


Manufacturing Small Tools and Samples

Design and Manufacturing Advise

Access to a Wide Range of Materials

Sterling Springs